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Month: February 2018

Because let’s be real… its just me

Because let’s be real… its just me

I do not like looking up how-to articles on blogging and writing book reviews.  Google it, look it up on Pinterest – use whatever your social media you prefer – but however you look up information about blogging, you will find the same suggestions: post regularly, fill your post with pictures, and pick topics based on search engine optimization.

All scientifically proven suggestions that I recklessly do not heed.

I want to write a post when I have something to write about – which is sometimes every day and sometimes once a week.  I do not schedule my posts, I do not use a lot of pictures, and I certainly do not pick my post topics based on what will collect hits or visits (I’m not even sure I know what the difference is).

But there are reasons behind this, and perhaps that is why I feel like this blog really is the truest form of my writing – at least the writing I allow to be public.  Because I write posts that are in my head and on my heart.  These are the words that are pounding around inside me.  They might be emotional words that are weighing on me or a book that I read and really wanted to share or maybe just a informational post to help people who are curious.

There are few pictures because I do not like to post pictures I did not take.  It feels cheep, like a thief or a fraud to be using someone else’s work.  I want to post words I wrote and pictures I took – or at least asked someone to take for that moment.  I have used stock pictures before, but it never sits right.  There is no emotional attachment to these pixels.  I want something I saw, touched, smelled, witnessed.

So come sit down and stay awhile.  Read and comment, read and ghost away – I empathize with both reactions.  And enjoy!

Monday Ponderings: Glimpses Into Heaven

Monday Ponderings: Glimpses Into Heaven

The sky is always fascinating to me; the height, length, and depth of it.  The sky has as many moods as some men might claim a woman has: the simple, quiet beauty of a sunrise, the peaceful finality of a sunset, the tumultuous power of a storm, or the magic grayness of a snowfall.  But all of the changing moods of the sky, the one that most intrigues me is the sunny transition into rain: when the clouds roll in and begin to cover the sun, but not completely, and the wind begins to pick up.

We were headed eastward towards school and my focus was solely on the craziness of traffic here in the earthly realm.  But the childlike faith, embodied and safety harnessed into the backseat, was focused on something more beautiful, something more heavenly.  “Look, Miss Jessica!  We can see into heaven!”  As traffic crawled along and I lifted my eyes from the busyness of day to day hecticness I saw what we had all been missing, in the gloriousness of the painted sky.

Somehow as the clouds begin to thicken, they had left cracks that we could see through into the light beyond, and it felt like a peek into heaven.

And maybe it was.  For a moment, when my concentration was no longer on the earth and the momentary frustration of being delayed was forgotten, I was taken aback at the beauty of a eternal, heavenly perspective.  And for a moment that day, I felt like I really did get a peek into heaven.

What are the moments of your life that give you a pause?  What things give you a moment of peace?  What cracks into the clouds and gives you a glimpse into heaven?

Taken by Dee Henderson

Taken by Dee Henderson

Taken by Dee Henderson

In a Nutshell:

Age Appropriateness: 16 and above

Genre(s): Fiction, Suspense, Romance

Suspense/Violence: Moderate suspense

Romance: Light romance

Language: None

Would I Recommend It?  Yes

The Nitty-Gritty


This book deals centers around the recovering victim of a kidnapping.  She was kidnapped and held by individuals who were thieves, kidnappers for hire, and, ultimately, murderers.  Although the events that take place in this book are not for young readers, there are no gruesome or graphic details, making it enjoyable for young adult readers and above.*


Several of the characters are involved in relationships (married or dating).  One couple kisses, and discusses dating in the future, but nothing else occurs.*

Additional Comments

Matthew Dane steps off the elevator of his hotel and finds an unexpected guest in the hallway.  Shannon Bliss has reappeared after her kidnapping many years ago.  She has escaped and is ready to begin helping take down the criminal dynasty who have held her for many years.  But this must be done carefully, exactly, and on her terms.  One hidden diary at a time.

This book took a turn from the shorter, more romantic books that Ms. Henderson has previously written.  Taken begins a turn into a deeper, longer, complex plot-line that unravels a crime dynasty with many layers.  Longtime readers of Ms. Henderson’s other series will recognize several characters who appear in other books.  However this book is not crucially tied to a series, and can be read as a stand-alone.

Recommended For:

Female, who enjoys Christian suspense.  Male readers might also enjoy the intricacy of the plot-line, but it was written with a female audience in mind.

*Reader discretion is always advised.