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Because let’s be real… its just me

I do not like looking up how-to articles on blogging and writing book reviews.  Google it, look it up on Pinterest – use whatever your social media you prefer – but however you look up information about blogging, you will find the same suggestions: post regularly, fill your post with pictures, and pick topics based on search engine optimization.

All scientifically proven suggestions that I recklessly do not heed.

I want to write a post when I have something to write about – which is sometimes every day and sometimes once a week.  I do not schedule my posts, I do not use a lot of pictures, and I certainly do not pick my post topics based on what will collect hits or visits (I’m not even sure I know what the difference is).

But there are reasons behind this, and perhaps that is why I feel like this blog really is the truest form of my writing – at least the writing I allow to be public.  Because I write posts that are in my head and on my heart.  These are the words that are pounding around inside me.  They might be emotional words that are weighing on me or a book that I read and really wanted to share or maybe just a informational post to help people who are curious.

There are few pictures because I do not like to post pictures I did not take.  It feels cheep, like a thief or a fraud to be using someone else’s work.  I want to post words I wrote and pictures I took – or at least asked someone to take for that moment.  I have used stock pictures before, but it never sits right.  There is no emotional attachment to these pixels.  I want something I saw, touched, smelled, witnessed.

So come sit down and stay awhile.  Read and comment, read and ghost away – I empathize with both reactions.  And enjoy!

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