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Monday Ponderings: Glimpses Into Heaven

The sky is always fascinating to me; the height, length, and depth of it.  The sky has as many moods as some men might claim a woman has: the simple, quiet beauty of a sunrise, the peaceful finality of a sunset, the tumultuous power of a storm, or the magic grayness of a snowfall.  But all of the changing moods of the sky, the one that most intrigues me is the sunny transition into rain: when the clouds roll in and begin to cover the sun, but not completely, and the wind begins to pick up.

We were headed eastward towards school and my focus was solely on the craziness of traffic here in the earthly realm.  But the childlike faith, embodied and safety harnessed into the backseat, was focused on something more beautiful, something more heavenly.  “Look, Miss Jessica!  We can see into heaven!”  As traffic crawled along and I lifted my eyes from the busyness of day to day hecticness I saw what we had all been missing, in the gloriousness of the painted sky.

Somehow as the clouds begin to thicken, they had left cracks that we could see through into the light beyond, and it felt like a peek into heaven.

And maybe it was.  For a moment, when my concentration was no longer on the earth and the momentary frustration of being delayed was forgotten, I was taken aback at the beauty of a eternal, heavenly perspective.  And for a moment that day, I felt like I really did get a peek into heaven.

What are the moments of your life that give you a pause?  What things give you a moment of peace?  What cracks into the clouds and gives you a glimpse into heaven?

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