To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon

To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon

To Be Where You Are

In a Nutshell:

Age Appropriateness: 16 and above

Genre(s): Literary Fiction

Suspense/Violence: None

Romance: Light romance

Language: None

Would I Recommend It?  Yes

The Nitty-Gritty


No mystery or suspense.*

*Reader discretion is always advised.


Several of the characters are involved in relationships (married or dating).  Some kissing, hugging, and affection occurs.  No inappropriate relationships or graphic details. *

Additional Comments

Warning!  You will cry sweet tears as you read this book.  I never cry while reading, but I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I finished To Be Where You Are.  Ms. Karen has written another brilliant, beautiful wonderful addition to The Mitford Series.  Readers will be delighted to further follow the stories of Father Tim, Cynthia, Dooley, Lace, Jack, and the other residents of Mitford and Meadowgate Farm.  I can not recommend this book enough!

It is a clean, wholesome story about life in a small town – and the beautiful beginning of the next generation of Mitford.

Now excuse me while I reread it, I’m pretty sure I am now living vicariously through Dooley and Lace on Meadowgate Farm.

Recommended For:

Anyone who enjoys a beautiful piece of modern literary fiction.

*Reader discretion is always advised.

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