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The One State with Low Student Debt

There is only one state where the average college student has less that $20,000 of debt when they graduate.  In all 50 United States, we can only find one state with this statistic and that award goes to the western state of New Mexico.  Student debt is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in America. In a study released in…

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How to Schedule a CLEP Test

Scheduling a CLEP exam used to be as easy as calling your proctor, telling her what exam you were going to take, and picking a day.  Now, thanks to some revisions by CollegeBoard, there are a few more steps to take before you can go CLEP a class.  So here is a basic rundown on how to schedule a CLEP…

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Skills for College Students

Skills for College Students: Reading, Writing, and Keyboarding There are several skills that everyone should learn.  Not only will they help you succeed in school, they can help you be successful in the rest of your “normal” life.  Having these skills not only allows you to study and communicate effectively, they can help prove to prospective employers that you care about…

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What is the College Composition CLEP?

admin / February 26, 2015

  So just what is the College Composition CLEP?  In July of 2010 the College Comp CLEP replaced the English Composition CLEP with Essay.  The College Composition CLEP contains 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 50 minutes, and 2 mandatory essays to be written 70 minutes, for a grand total of 120 minutes testing time. I know English…

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The Drama of a CLEP Transcript Request

admin / February 13, 2015

I had “request transcripts” on my to do list for Tuesday.  It would be a very simple, straightforward task I was sure.  I needed to contact three different places to collect the transcripts for all my testing of the last three years.  And have them each send two transcripts: one to Liberty University and one to Thomas Edison State College.…

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Love Story

admin / February 13, 2015

Just because everyone needs a good love story for Valentine’s day.   They met in a small town.  A mutual friend introduced them and they started talking.  She was quiet, he’s more outgoing.  She could not figure out why he kept hanging around, he wondered if she liked him.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Their paths kept crossing (funny…

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Update and a Restart

admin / February 11, 2015

Hello everyone, Where did my blogging drive go?  I have no idea!  Somewhere in between life and school and work I got too busy to keep up the blog.  I kept writing (couldn’t stop that!), but it never made it onto the blog.  But I have resolved to do better in 2015 and journal all the interesting things I am…

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One Book for 2015

admin / January 8, 2015

The one book… Students ask me, parents ask me, everyone asks me.  They all ask the same question.  “What do I need to get started with CLEP exams?” There is no magic formula, there is no skill set you have to have.  I have one, very simple book that I think is all you need to get started.  This one…

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Yes, I'm Crazy!

admin / October 28, 2014

Yes, I know I promised a blog series on writing.  However, God had different plans, and last Sunday I broke my wrist.  So my dominant hand is in a cast for the next 5 weeks.   However, I do have the series all planned out and, as the pain continues to subside, I plan on typing out all the posts…

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