February Elevator Reviews

February Elevator Reviews

Are you looking for some good books for you, a friend, your children, or a family member?  Are you too busy to read a full review?  Do you ever think, “I don’t need all the little details.  Just tell me whether or not it is good!”   Then Elevator Reviews are for you.  Pretend you and I are on an elevator – sipping a Chai latte and on our way to the 18th floor – and I’m going to give you a quick glimpse into my current-reading shelf.  Sit back and enjoy!

February Elevator Reviews:

The Nesting Place, Myquillyn Smith

This book was enchanting.  I do not typically have “decorating” books on my to-read pile, but this one came highly recommended from The Modern Mrs. Darcy, so I thought I would give it a try.  I found it to be a delightful easy read that was written to inspire and equip you to create a beautiful, functional home wherever God has placed you.  This gives her a unique and fresh perspective into the importance of settling in, wherever God has placed you.  You may be like me and typically shy away from the “decorating” genre, but I highly recommend that you add The Nesting Place to your shelf.  5 stars.

I Still Believe, Jeremy Camp

This amazing autobiography gives you an intimate look into the spiritual journey of Christian song writer and singer, Jeremy Camp.  It provides a glimpse into his childhood and how he came to the Lord.  Then following the love story with his first wife, her battle with cancer, and the Lord’s faithfulness.  And ending with where he and his family are now.  Highly recommend I Still Believe!  You will listen to Camp’s music in a whole new light.  5 stars.

Deep Work, Cal Newport

I was intrigued by the premise of this book: learning how to focus without distraction in a distracted world.  However I sadly found that Mr. Newport exhausted all that he had to say in the Introduction.  After that I found that he simply repeated what he originally said – over and over again.  In addition, I found that some of his ideas where unrealistic and outdated.  For instance he suggests that businesses should only have physical mailing addresses and no email.  I enjoyed the original idea, but was not impressed with Deep Work.  1 star.

Full Disclosure, Dee Henderson

This book is a re-read that I added this to my fiction reading this month.  Ann Silver simply understates things: her job, her abilities, her history.  Now her path has crossed with Special Agent Paul Falcon, a solid FBI agent with an incredible record.  When she drops some evidence on his desk with the offer that he can catch one of the most wanted serial killers in history, Paul is not only intrigued by the journals, but by the woman who brought them.  Full Disclosure is an incredible read. 5 stars.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Richard and Florence Atwater

This delightfully whimsical story was the perfect read aloud for the lunch table when I was nannying this month.  The tale of Mr. Popper, Mrs. Popper, Janie, Bill, and their 12 arctic birds is a story that all children find intriguing. The idea of 12 trained penguins who take the entertainment world by storm is just outside of possible and just inside of imaginable.  The memorable illustrations by Robert Lawson, coupled with the funny “ork” sounds of the penguins make Mr. Popper’s Penguins a must-have for your bookshelf.

It is also important to note that the book is NOTHING like the movie – I am not recommending or endorsing the movie.

Before I Wake, Dee Henderson

Another re-read, also from Dee Henderson.  Rae Gabriella has retired, after a terrible ending to an undercover assignment.  At the insistence of an old friend she begins work as a detective in the small quiet town of Justice, Illinois.  Soon after arrival, and just after she meets Sheriff Nathan, women in the town are found dead.  All of them from seemingly natural circumstances.  But what are the chances that several women all just died in their sleep?  The only thing I disliked about Before I Wake is how it ends.  There are several loose threads that are not tied up in the end, as you expect, but it is a wonderful read.    4 stars.

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