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Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz

Can you answer the following  questions?  If so, you are well on your way to taking the U. S. History CLEP!

  1. What did Eli Whitney invent?
  2. Why was the Battle of Saratoga important?
  3. What did William Garrison call for?
  4. What is Manifest Destiny?


  1. Cotton Gin
  2. It convinced France to side with American in the American Revolution
  3. Total emancipation, No compensation
  4. The belief that the United States had the natural right to own the entire continent.


(I had a practice test today and made a 63.)

January Updates and February Goals

January Updates and February Goals

Wow!  We are already past the first month of the new year!  Isn’t that amazing?  Time passes so quickly.  Remember to schedule time every day to spend time with the Lord and just slow down for awhile.

January Updates

February Goals

  • To interview another good friend (who I have never met!), Bethany Strang!
  • Teach you how to pass the College Mathematics CLEP
  • Take U. S. History 1 CLEP