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Meet the Test: Social Sciences and History CLEP

Meet the Test: Social Sciences and History CLEP

Social Sciences and History CLEP

The Social Sciences and History CLEP is exam is one of the General Five CLEPs.  Which means that it is a very broad test, but you are also awarded 6 credit hours for this test.  Unlike the Subject Exam CLEPs, this test worth an entire semester’s worth of study.  That is the bad news and the good news.  On one hand it is a very broad exam that covers a lot of information, but on the other hand, it is so broad that it doesn’t go into much detail.

This test has a basic CLEP format, 120 questions to be answered in 90 minutes.  There is no essay.

CollegeBoard gives the following breakdown for the Social Sciences and History CLEP:

  • 40% History
  • 13% Government and Political Science
  • 11% Geography
  • 10% Economics
  • 10% Psychology
  • 10% Sociology
  • 6% Anthropology

Obviously the largest part of this exam is the History section.  Of this section, 17% is American History, 15% is Western Civilization, and 8% World History.

While CLEP has done a fairly good job of being neutral in this test, some politically correct stuff has made it’s way onto the exam.  For instance, b.c.e (before common era) is used, instead of B.C (Before Christ).



With a few exceptions, because literature is my favorite subject, I took all 5 of the General CLEP exams before I moved on.  I personally, think that every distance student (and many students headed to a brick and mortar building) would do best if they would start with these 5 CLEPS.  And I know the perfect test prep guide for them!

Why you should take the 5 General CLEPs!

  1. They are highschool subjects – history, math, science, english – you know it all from highschool
  2. They are your freshman year.  You get all 30 credits of your freshman year in 5 tests
  3. They are each worth 6 credits – almost all other CLEPs are only worth 3
  4. You can earn your freshman year for $500 – does it get better than that?
  5. It is very easy to find test prep material for all 5 – some other CLEPs are hard to study for because of lack of material.

Why you should use the Princeton Review for studying!

  1. Cracking the CLEP by Princeton Review is easy to read and easy to understand
  2. Divided into 5 sections (one for each test), this book includes a practice test for each exam
  3. Each answer has a explanation.  “now that you got it wrong, here’s why!”
  4. Helpful comments and tips are spread throughout the book – however, unlike some books, their comments are never annoying
  5. Last but not least, this was my favorite test prep guide ever.  I have it on my shelf, and I wish they had guides for all the other CLEP exams!

Now you too can have a chance to own this book and use it as you study!  Below is a giveaway for you to enter and win a free copy of Cracking the CLEP!




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Natural Science CLEP

Natural Science CLEP

As I face the last of the 5 General Exams, I am getting stretched in new directions.  Atoms, cells, Smooth ER, planets, weather, volcanoes, and genetics.  I’m enjoying studying for this exam.  I have all my Apologia books and ABeka books with my REA guide and I am ready!  Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, and Meteorology are very interesting (if a trifle overwhelming).

The Protons

This test is easy to prepare for.  It’s very specific in what will be tested, and any science book has basically the information you are looking for.

This is not a test for a science major, this is a test for someone who needs one year of science and is testing out of it.  Because of that, you don’t really need a college text book to prepare.  Your highschool books will do great, which is what I’m using.  I do recommend getting the REA guide just as a backbone.

The Neutrons

This test (like the other general five) is very broad, and, because of that, is sometimes overwhelming to prepare for.  There is a lot of science topics and it is all covered here.  🙂  Gear up for a tidal wave of all the scientific facts they can throw at you.  You will be naming the parts of plants one minute, and be identifying elements by their atomic weight the next.

September Updates and October Goals

September Updates and October Goals


In the month of September I did the following…

  • Passed Humanities CLEP – earning me 6 more credits
  • Finished Freshman year of college
  • Passed American Literature CLEP – 6 credits
  • Passed English Literature CLEP – 6 credits

All in all,

  • 3 CLEPs
  • 18 college credits

September was a very good month.  🙂


My plan for October is to

  • take Natural Sciences CLEP on the 30th – this will wrap up the 5 general exams
  • celebrate my 19th birthday
  • prepare for American History 1 CLEP.
Captain's Log 8.17.12

Captain's Log 8.17.12


I am working on cleaning my room, packing away FF stuff, and dusting off school books.  I’ve always done school year round (lighter during the summer, but some school).  This is really the first time I remember putting away my books for a few months and not looking at them.   I really love pulling them back out now and getting ready to use them!  I am planning out my remaining CLEPs before I launch into course work in 2013.


The CLEP for August is Humanities.  The Humanities CLEP is one of the general five, it is worth 6 college credits, and it will fulfill my humanity requirement for Excelsior.  For this test I purchased the REA Humanities Test Guide, and I am using the Princeton Review.  For poetry review I am using the Treasure of Poetry for Young People.  That is really helpful because it goes through each poet, one at a time.  That way you can get used to their style.

I took my first real practice test and scored a 49.  Not good, but not bad either for fresh out of the gate.  I take all my wrong answers and group them together by kind.   That helps me find my weakest spots.  My weakest spots were:

  1. Poetry
  2. Literature
  3. Performance Arts (drama, film, etc)
  4. Music
  5. Architecture
  6. Philosophy
  7. Art

So, I am now tackling those in order of weakness and importance.  I hope to schedule my test today for August 31st.

Captain's Log 5.29.12

Captain's Log 5.29.12


Generally, I’m getting ready for the 2012 Plants and Pillars Film Festival

and I’m filming my movie: Faith on the Earth

Social Sciences CLEP

This CLEP is going well… I guess!  🙂

I don’t like the Sociology part of this test at all, but the economics and American history is what you should know.

I’m going to spend the next week memorizing the Amendments to the U. S. Constitution.

I’m scheduled to take this on June 8th.  I wanted to take it earlier, but it wasn’t possible!

Next Tests?

Stay tuned for June’s CLEPs!!!

Captain's Log 5.10.12

Captain's Log 5.10.12

College Mathematics

ONCE AGAIN, my CLEP got moved!  🙂

As of today, I’ll be taking my test on Tuesday, May 15 at 10:00 am.  I scored a 64 on the REA practice test #1 today.

I’m buckling down on Logic, Functions, and Probability

Social Sciences

Like always, as I get closer to my #1 test, I do less and less of my #2 test!

I’m still reading the Comex guide. 🙂

Captain's Log 5/7/12

Captain's Log 5/7/12

College Mathmatics

I completed the REA practice test today and scored a 55.  It is not as high as I wanted to score, but it really helped me pinpoint my weaknesses.  I am weakest in Logic and Functions.  I plan to spend the next couple of days hitting those areas hard.

I had to reschedule my test for the 16 of May, instead of the 11th.  That gives me a few more days.

Social Sciences

I continue to read my Comex guide… absorbing the information until I’m done with Math.