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Another burst of energy…

Another burst of energy…

You know how when you’re running and you want to stop?  You really, really want to stop.  You’re not sure you can go one more step.   You have to dig down deep and find another burst of energy.

That’s what I did last Thursday.  Except I wasn’t running, I was taking two tests back to back.  🙂  And yes, I was tired.  Very tired and very sore.  That Monday I had gotten my wisdom teeth removed  and I was still recovering from that.

Like I said.  Tired, sore, and ready to quit.

But God has given me a really amazing group of friends to pray for me and encourage me.   Knowing they were praying was enough to give me that next burst of energy.

And I passed Introduction to Sociology CLEP with a 55 and Ethics in America DSST with a 433.

Credit Count: 78!!!

Sociology CLEP Prep

Sociology CLEP Prep

CLEP prep.  Say that five times fast!  🙂

I’m studying for three tests right now (in addition to Statistics): Ethics, Sociology, and Macroeconomics.  Here’s some helpful links I’ve been reading for the Sociology CLEP.

The Wikipedia page of Sociology

Famous Sociologists

Notes on Difference Societies (I love this!  Short, concise, and to the point)

And the “founders of Sociology”

Hope that helps!!!

Update on Goals for the Week

Update on Goals for the Week

So, I’m studying for four tests at the same time.  Last week I took a practice test for each subject, after letting them to push through and finish Algebra.   Anyway, here are the results.

  • Statistics – took an assessment and scored at 23%.  Wonderful news for someone who doesn’t have a clue about statistics.
  • Sociology – 49%.  Again, thrilled that with no studying that’s my score
  • Ethics in America – 40%.  Not my strong point.  If it was Biblical ethics, that might be different.  This, unfortunately, is not.
  • and Macroeconomics – 47%.  This was disappointing because I had been in the upper 60s a few weeks ago.  But I let my other stuff go slightly while I finished up Algebra, so I need to pick them up again.

I have some interesting blog posts planned, so be sure and come back for more next week!

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Macroeconomics CLEP continues to go well.  I scored a 66% on my practice test, CollegePlus tells you to go take it when you reach a 60%.  I wanted to take it this month, but the Christmas season around this place is crazy and it didn’t fit in the schedule.  So, I’m hanging on to it through the holidays and taking it in January.  Possibly on the 10th…

Sociology CLEP is so “politically correct” it makes me mad and laugh at the same time.  It’s really hilarious all the stuff they make up.  I’m horribly oppressed and I didn’t even know it!  🙂  I take a practice test tomorrow and that will establish where I am.  I want to take it January as well.  My CP coach suggested double testing one day.

And the ongoing saga of ALEKs Algebra.  Rumor has it they are do for review on December 16, 2013.  And then they have to refile for accreditation.  They have released that they want to be accredited by December 31, but that remains to be seen.  You can file for accredidation when you pass 70% of the course – and I have mastered 50%.  I’m so close, but I can’t finish until they receive their ACE accreditation.

Up Next?  ALEKs Statistics, Intro to Business, and Ethics in America