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Well… Management CLEP update

Well… Management CLEP update

I took and passed Principles of Management, with a 52.

Last night I went to sleep thinking I wouldn’t take it because I had just made a 49 on my practice test (after fairly good scores all month) and I thought I had a sinus infection.  My family prayed for me and I got a good night’s sleep… and decided to go on in today.  It was much harder than I was expecting and almost 80% of the test was material I didn’t know would be there, but I passed and was able to move on!!!

That was actually my first Junior course.  Praise the Lord for passing it!

And I met a very sweet young lady.  She’s a homeschool graduate, oldest in a large family, and CP student.  Even if I hadn’t passed it was worth going, just to make a new friend!

Update and CLEP help

Update and CLEP help

I am still studying for Principles of Management this week.  I scored a 60 on my practice test today, which is awesome!!!  (especially considering all the questions I was surprised at)  As I said, it got moved to August 2 at 10:00.  Which means I have 14 days to keep studying.

And 21 days until the Film Festival… which is a scary thought.  But I digress.

CLEP Help:

What does it cost and How do you pay?

A CLEP exam costs $80.00.  Back in the old days when I first started CLEPing, it only cost $77.00, but I don’t want to make anyone jealous.  Anyway, it costs $80.00 for the CLEP + the proctor fee.  My proctor fee is $20.00.  I understand that in some places it is more, but that fee is set by the college.

You can pay with a check, money order, debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or JCB). Cash is not accepted.

Note that if you pay with check, you don’t write one check with a lump payment for  test and fee.  You have to write two separate checks.  One to CollegeBoard and one to the university.

I have paid for all of my CLEPs with check, and my proctor can’t get used to it.  I seem to be an anomaly at Strayer University.  🙂