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Graduation Home Stretch

Graduation Home Stretch

Time to dust off the books and finish this degree!  Once you’ve hit the graduation home stretch it’s a little easier to slow down, but you have to finish strong.  You have to run as fast across the finish line as you started out.

So here’s what I have left to accomplish before I can graduate:

[ ] Western Civ 1 (CLEP)

[ ] Western Civ 2 (CLEP)

[ ] World Religions (DSST)

[ ] Organizational Behavior (DSST)

[ ] Soviet Union (DSST)

[ ] Substanance Abuse (DSST) 

[ ] Vietnam War (DSST)

[ ] Technical Writing (DSST)

[ ] Public Speaking (DSST)

[ ] Human Growth and Development (CLEP)

[ ] Human Geography (DSST)

[ ] Capstone Project (TESC)


And here are my goals to reach before August 28 (which happens to be the 6th Plants and Pillars Film Festival):

  1. Technical Writing
  2. Western Civ 1
  3. Western Civ 2
  4. Human Growth and Development
  5. Substance Abuse
  6. Organizational Behavior
  7. The SAT

Oh yeah, I’m going to take the SAT on June 6 – which is just a few short weeks away.

Yes, I have a lot to do.  I’ll be studying and reading and writing and testing – and trying to blog when I get that chance.  🙂

Update and a Restart

Update and a Restart

Hello everyone,

Where did my blogging drive go?  I have no idea!  Somewhere in between life and school and work I got too busy to keep up the blog.  I kept writing (couldn’t stop that!), but it never made it onto the blog.  But I have resolved to do better in 2015 and journal all the interesting things I am learning with school and work.  So here is an update and a map for the new year.  And I will begin getting more posts out here soon!

Life Update

School – I have applied to Thomas Edison State College (TESC) and Liberty Online.  I have been accepted to Liberty, still waiting to hear from TESC.  Yesterday I began the long and complicated process of mailing in my test transcripts (that story is coming on Friday).  I am ready to go take the Technical Writing DSST, but will wait until I am settled on a college.  Then I can just have my test scores sent straight there.

Work – There will be a new part of this blog, as we focus on working in an uncommon way.    As college students, many of us will be working for part time jobs and/or looking for full time work.  This is a great time to begin working on skills and qualities that will make you a better employee (and help you get hired in a competitive market!).  I recently started working as a Virtual Assistant.  I am self employed, and currently have four clients I am helping with their websites in various ways.

General – Life in general is good.  It rolls on whether I am taking tests or not.  I am still raising chickens (about to have more chicks arrive), still a big sister (to some incredible people), still playing soccer, still running a Film Festival, and still reading.  I have some new things going on that are teaching me how quickly life can change.  It has encouraged me to stop each day and take a breath, just to remember that God is in control.

Plan for 2015

School – I have 11 tests and 1 course standing between me and graduation.  It is my goal, Lord willing, to knock all those out this year and graduate with my Bachelors.  The biggest roadblock to that is finances, so I will also be applying for scholarships.  Stay tuned as I share test information, school updates, and scholarship help.

Work – To grow my Virtual Assistant (VA) work into a profitable business that provides me with the same amount of income as a full time job, but with more enjoyment and better hours.  This is a great job for me now, as a student with other interests.  And it is also perfect for a wife and mom, with children at home.  I will be hosting it off of Uncommon Student (which has its own domain now!), so there will be a new website soon!

Life – Some of the goals I have for 2015 are: do one thing that really challenges me to get out of my shell, read 50 books I have always wanted to read (but never have), run a 5k, start getting up at 5:30 each morning, memorize a book of the Bible, and buy my own car.

Haha, yeah, I know.  I’m crazy.  😉  Here’s to a great new year!  Let’s experience it together!


Update on Goals for the Week

Update on Goals for the Week

So, I’m studying for four tests at the same time.  Last week I took a practice test for each subject, after letting them to push through and finish Algebra.   Anyway, here are the results.

  • Statistics – took an assessment and scored at 23%.  Wonderful news for someone who doesn’t have a clue about statistics.
  • Sociology – 49%.  Again, thrilled that with no studying that’s my score
  • Ethics in America – 40%.  Not my strong point.  If it was Biblical ethics, that might be different.  This, unfortunately, is not.
  • and Macroeconomics – 47%.  This was disappointing because I had been in the upper 60s a few weeks ago.  But I let my other stuff go slightly while I finished up Algebra, so I need to pick them up again.

I have some interesting blog posts planned, so be sure and come back for more next week!

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution

Every year I take a sheet of notebook and fill it with the goals of the year.  Some of them will take a few weeks, others will cover the entire 365 days I’m given.  Sometimes I wish it were a leap year so I could claim those extra 24 hours, but other times I know I can fulfill these goals – no prob.

I have 11 goals this year.  Yes, that’s a randomly chosen number.  🙂  But one of my goals on my oddly numbered list is:

Reach 90 College Credits

I’m at 63 credits, which means I have 27 more to go this year.  Which also means I have 9 tests left (each test is worth 3 credits).

School Plan 2014

  1. ALEKS College Algebra
  2. CLEP Macroeconomics
  3. CLEP Sociology
  4. ALEKS Statistics
  5. DSST Ethics in America
  6. DSST Intro to Business
  7. DSST Principles of Finance
  8. DSST Management Information Systems
  9. DSST World Religions


This Feels Really Weird!

This Feels Really Weird!

We have officially moved into the part of the year when you feel like you are in limbo.  You now refer to “next year” as “this year”, even though it’s still “next” year.  And you start telling people, “well, I guess we’ll see you next year”.  It sounds weird to say, but with only 10 days left in the year…

I’m going to be taking a break from social media of any kind through these remaining 10 days.  So the blog will be quiet for awhile, but I’ll pick it back up again in January.

For right now, I’m drinking hot tea, reading good books, writing letters, wrapping presents, running laps on the road, making my 2014 goals, and laughing with my siblings.

Oh, and I’m trying to finish ALEKS Algebra before 2014.  It won’t be a total vacation.  😉

See you next year!!!

And, by the way, the “i before e, except after c” rule does not apply to weird.

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Macroeconomics CLEP continues to go well.  I scored a 66% on my practice test, CollegePlus tells you to go take it when you reach a 60%.  I wanted to take it this month, but the Christmas season around this place is crazy and it didn’t fit in the schedule.  So, I’m hanging on to it through the holidays and taking it in January.  Possibly on the 10th…

Sociology CLEP is so “politically correct” it makes me mad and laugh at the same time.  It’s really hilarious all the stuff they make up.  I’m horribly oppressed and I didn’t even know it!  🙂  I take a practice test tomorrow and that will establish where I am.  I want to take it January as well.  My CP coach suggested double testing one day.

And the ongoing saga of ALEKs Algebra.  Rumor has it they are do for review on December 16, 2013.  And then they have to refile for accreditation.  They have released that they want to be accredited by December 31, but that remains to be seen.  You can file for accredidation when you pass 70% of the course – and I have mastered 50%.  I’m so close, but I can’t finish until they receive their ACE accreditation.

Up Next?  ALEKs Statistics, Intro to Business, and Ethics in America

September Updates and October Goals

September Updates and October Goals

September Updates (after my computer broke)

  • Meet with Ms. Rachel Vecera – My CollegePlus coach:  Done!  Yay!  I love Ms. Rachel.
  • Do a blog series on the College Experience: Sort of… we’re continuing on
  • Interview Michael B.: Coming soon.  Did I mention my computer broke?
  • Write an ebook: Working on it!!!
  • Buy a domain for Uncommon Student: Sort of… work in progress

October Goals

  • Buy domain
  • Finish ebook
  • Finish blog series and interview
  • Take Microeconomics!!!
  • Celebrate my birthday.  🙂

Blogging is coming back!

August Update and September Goals

August Update and September Goals

August Update

I took 2 CLEPs in August!  They were two hard CLEP exams, and I didn’t know it would work out that way, but I took both Principles of Management and Information Systems and Computer Applications.  Officially, I am a Junior, and looking at finishing up this degree.

September Goals

  • Meet with Ms. Rachel Vecera – My CollegePlus coach
  • Do a blog series on the College Experience
  • Interview Michael B.
  • Write an ebook
  • Buy a domain for Uncommon Student

Care to join me?

Busy, Busy!!!

Busy, Busy!!!

Well the Festival is over!!!  I am uploading photos to Farm Kids in Crocs (my other blog), if you want to go see.  And life is back to school and work.

  • I’m studying for Information Systems CLEP, for August 25
  • I am trying to catch up on reading before I start CollegePlus and lose that extra time
  • I’m trying to come up with a way to make some money to pay for said college work
  • I’m getting to know my new friend I met at a CLEP
  • I am trying to work out shoes for Taylor’s wedding (see to do list), I’m a bridesmaid
  • My chickens are laying eggs!
  • I’m a full time big sister

There is a new series coming for September… stay tuned!


Hello, March, April, CLEPs, Life, Sickness, Chickens, and Apology

Hello, March, April, CLEPs, Life, Sickness, Chickens, and Apology

Yes, yes.  I know it is April 23 and I am just now blogging.  I had already planned on taking a break for April, but I did mean to tell you about it.  Then I got the worst sinus infection of my life.  Incidentally the only sinus infection of my life.  I did nothing for a week but lay on my back and cry and run fever.  Pitiful.  But I’m back now!  Here with CLEPing news, tips, and updates.

March Updates

  • To place my bulk wheat order with people across my state. (done, it is on the way here.  All 5,000 lbs)
  • To write a blog series on scheduling and getting your priorities straight with school and family (done, you can read it here)
  • To interview a college graduate and friend of the family, Mr. Daniel Phillips. (done, you can read that here)
  • Prepare for the Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP (ummm….)

April Goals

  • Continue preparing for the Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP
  • Blog some general CLEP overview posts with tips and information (I’ve had lots of questions)

After I take this CLEP in May, I will be taking a break from testing for a couple of months while I pray, reassess, and look at my future and where I want to go.  I will not stop blogging, and look forward to some good series and interviews as we move into the summer months.