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Two ways to pass a CLEP!

Two ways to pass a CLEP!

CLEP Update:  My test got moved to tomorrow due to my proctor having to leave town unexpectedly.  I’m off to study!  Yikes!


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:6-7

Want to know how to go take a CLEP and not worry?  Sounds like a magic trick, doesn’t it?  But you can do it.

Give your CLEP to the Lord

Before you go take your test give your test to the Lord.  Right before you push “Dismiss Instructions”, give your test to the Lord.  After you take your test, give it to the Lord.

Whether you pass or fail, give Him all the Glory.  (Facing the Giants moment)

Ask your friends for prayer

I am thankful for the group of people who lift me up in prayer each time.  They know my score first, they are there to rejoice with me or set my course straight if I fail.  They keep me real and help me remember that being a part of the Body of Christ is pretty wonderful.  🙂


Could the name of this CLEP be longer?

Could the name of this CLEP be longer?

Can we possibly create a longer name for the Computer Science CLEP.  I mean seriously, Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP?  I had to say the whole thing to my Procter and it was hilarious.  Anyway…

Practice test score was a 61 today!!!  Yay!  My weakest chapter is now my strongest one, studying does payoff!  😉

I am schedule to take it on August 30 at 10:00 am!!!  So glad to be facing the home stretch.

If you know that data is unprocessed information, that information is unprocessed data, and that they can NOT be used interchangeably… you are a long way towards passing this CLEP.

Life Discovery

Life Discovery

I  have made a discovery.

I use the computer a lot during the day.  I do research on it, I take tests on it, I read emails on it, I edit movies on it, and I create webpages.


I do not like the computer very much.  And I do not like computer programing at all.  I do not understand it.  It is a foreign language.  One that I do not speak.

That is all.

Now that we are clear on that.

I will go back to studying Information Systems and Computer Applications now.

Thank you.

3 Random Facts

3 Random Facts

Here are three random facts for your day!

  1. The last CLEP I took (U.S.History 1) was my first 3 credit CLEP to take.  I just realized that.
  2. When you take a CLEP and you reach the end of the test… and you get to review.  Only check the questions you are REALLY unsure about.  90% of the time your first answer (or your “gut answer”) is the correct answer.
  3. For those of you wondering, I did not take Information Systems and Computer Applications.  I am not ready for it.  I just can not get my score up.  I would appreciate prayer as I hit the books hard.  Many students will be taking finals next week and the week after.  My “finals” are in 4 weeks… and I’m nervous!

There you go!

Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP

Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP

Well, as of today, my next CLEP is two weeks away and I am working hard on studying!  The REA book I bought for this test (yes, I had to spend money!) has an online diagnostic test which is VERY helpful as you work out your weaknesses.  I highly recommend buying the new REA books (copyright 2013) for any tests you don’t feel really good about – the diagnostic test is wonderful.  Here are my test results.  (chapter 1 is about the test overall)

  • Chapter 2 – strong
  • Chapter 3 – weak
  • Chapter 4 – medium
  • Chapter 5 – weak
  • Chapter 6 – strong

The good news is, I only have 2 chapters that are weak.   The bad news is, those two chapters are the biggest part of the test.  🙂

Off to study, computer programming and databases.  Oh joy!

Captain's Log 03.11.12

Captain's Log 03.11.12


Well, my family and I are fencing in our entire yard (great way to get outside), and I have been building a 5×5 solid wood pen.  Because… we are about to get 30 chickens.  They have been mailed and are arriving by USPS tomorrow at some point, hopefully.  And I am working on my bulk wheat order: collecting 5,000 lbs.  And the Film Festival: I am speaking at a homeschool group about film and technology next week.  And I am trying to read!  Reading is my hobby and what I do to relax.  It really is.  I LOVE reading.  And we are going to the library tomorrow and I have 23 book on hold!  Yay!


I am preparing for the Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP… which is not nearly as exciting as the name suggests.  🙂  I bought an REA book with online testing for this one, and I am so glad I did.  It has a diagnostic test so that I can evaluate my weaknesses and watch them become strengths.  I have already brought one of my “middle strengths” up to “full strength” in one week.

CLEP scheduled for April 5.