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English Literature CLEP Update

English Literature CLEP Update

I took and passed English Literature yesterday with a 63.  Needless to say, I was thrilled!!!

I was praying for something in the 60 range.  Unknown to me my mother was as well.  The Lord is so faithful to answer my prayers and those of my prayer warriors… even when I don’t deserve it!


English Literature – DONE!

CLEP exam tomorrow!

CLEP exam tomorrow!

I will be taking English Literature tomorrow morning at 10:00.  Please be prayer for me.

I fell fairly good about this test.  The poets are kind of hard, but I know a lot of the prose writers already.

CLEP Update

CLEP Update

I am working on some articles, and I aplogise for taking so long to post something!  I have been busy studying and working with my family (they get first dibs on my time!) but now I am back.

Until tomorrow and my finished article, here is an update.

I have American Literature on Friday the 21st and English Literature on Friday the 28th.  I’m excited and nervous (more on that in the article).

August Update and September Goals

August Update and September Goals


Overall, my goal going into October is to be done with my freshman year of college, and 12 credits into my sophomore year!

August 2012

I prepared for the Humanities CLEP and the American Literature CLEP.

Although, due to schedule restraints, I was not able to actually take those CLEPs during August, I now feel confidant as I face them in September.

September 2012

My goals this month is to take 2 CLEP exams: Humanities and American Literature.

I would also like to be done with English Literature before October.

I feel good about that exam, but I don’t want to overbook myself.  🙂  I’ll see how the other two go, and take it from there.

What to Use?

What to Use?

I just discovered two very aggravating facts in the distance learning, self directed, college world. They both involve the American and English Literature CLEP exams:


1. The test material

There is no official test material by REA or Princeton Review for either of these exams.  CollegeBoard gives one practice test in their book, but that’s it.

After some research I discovered that most people use the Complete Idiot’s Guide to American Lit and the Complete Idiot’s Guide to English Lit. to prepare and they were very happy for it.  The only thing is, I’m trying to find a Idiot guide for American Lit that is the cost of a normal book.  So far all the copies I’ve found have been no less than $45.00.  Crazy, right?

2. The essay

I was shocked to find out that some college require you to take the optional essay (s), depending on the college.  However, I can’t figure out if Excelsior is one of those few who do require it.  I’ve searched and searched, but to no avail.  I called the college and the lady refused to answer my question.  I repeated it 3 times (very nicely, really) but she never answered it.  She kept trying to get me interested in a scholarship.

So, I am collecting books and asking people about the essay.  If you can help me out with either, let me know!!!