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Graduation Home Stretch

Graduation Home Stretch

Time to dust off the books and finish this degree!  Once you’ve hit the graduation home stretch it’s a little easier to slow down, but you have to finish strong.  You have to run as fast across the finish line as you started out.

So here’s what I have left to accomplish before I can graduate:

[ ] Western Civ 1 (CLEP)

[ ] Western Civ 2 (CLEP)

[ ] World Religions (DSST)

[ ] Organizational Behavior (DSST)

[ ] Soviet Union (DSST)

[ ] Substanance Abuse (DSST) 

[ ] Vietnam War (DSST)

[ ] Technical Writing (DSST)

[ ] Public Speaking (DSST)

[ ] Human Growth and Development (CLEP)

[ ] Human Geography (DSST)

[ ] Capstone Project (TESC)


And here are my goals to reach before August 28 (which happens to be the 6th Plants and Pillars Film Festival):

  1. Technical Writing
  2. Western Civ 1
  3. Western Civ 2
  4. Human Growth and Development
  5. Substance Abuse
  6. Organizational Behavior
  7. The SAT

Oh yeah, I’m going to take the SAT on June 6 – which is just a few short weeks away.

Yes, I have a lot to do.  I’ll be studying and reading and writing and testing – and trying to blog when I get that chance.  🙂

The Drama of a CLEP Transcript Request

The Drama of a CLEP Transcript Request

I had “request transcripts” on my to do list for Tuesday.  It would be a very simple, straightforward task I was sure.  I needed to contact three different places to collect the transcripts for all my testing of the last three years.  And have them each send two transcripts: one to Liberty University and one to Thomas Edison State College.

ACE for my ALEKS math credit:  This was all online.  Very simple and straight forward.  I entered my account information, ordered two transcripts, selected the colleges they were going to, entered my payment information, and pushed “order”.  I received a receipt in my inbox a few moments later. Total: $30 ($15 per transcript).

CLEP:  You have to call CLEP to order transcripts.  I spent 6 minutes on the phone listening to menu options.  Wow.  Finally got to a person and explained to her what I wanted to do.  She had to process two separate orders.  Which means she had to take my payment information twice!  Total: $40 ($20 per transcript).

DSST: Called DSST, only to be told that I have to fill out a form and mail that in.  Then they will process it and mail in my transcripts to the colleges.  I am working on that form now.  Total: $60 ($30 per transcript).

Why can there not be a standard system?  Why can CLEP and DSST move their transcript system to online so this would be so much easier?  Why do I have to give my Social Security number over the phone, but they can’t give me my CLEP score?  Why do each of them have to charge different amounts?

Ah, I don’t know.  This is just me ranting… the drama of a CLEP transcript request!