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I’m really a very laid back personality, very little gets me worked up.  But I have opinions on a few topics.

And don’t get me started about Macroeconomics.

I have a few opinions on macroeconomics, and the CLEP exam, and how our country’s economy is in trouble.  But I’m going to remain passive aggressive on this, and just laugh at the cartoon above.  It pretty much sums up how “Macro” works!

CLEP Test Update:

I scored a 75% on my REA practice test yesterday!!!  CollegePlus will tell you to go take the exam at 60%, so I’m feeling pretty good about this!!!  😉

I’m planning on taking the Peterson practice test today, and the CollegeBoard test tomorrow.  I’ll report my test results as I get them!

Goals for the Week

Goals for the Week

Thanks to my coaching call, I have some serious goals for this coming week!    I have to take a practice test for every subject I’m currently studying.

  1. Macroeconomics CLEP
  2. Statistics ALEKS
  3. Sociology CLEP
  4. Ethics in America DSST

I’d better get to work!

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution

Every year I take a sheet of notebook and fill it with the goals of the year.  Some of them will take a few weeks, others will cover the entire 365 days I’m given.  Sometimes I wish it were a leap year so I could claim those extra 24 hours, but other times I know I can fulfill these goals – no prob.

I have 11 goals this year.  Yes, that’s a randomly chosen number.  🙂  But one of my goals on my oddly numbered list is:

Reach 90 College Credits

I’m at 63 credits, which means I have 27 more to go this year.  Which also means I have 9 tests left (each test is worth 3 credits).

School Plan 2014

  1. ALEKS College Algebra
  2. CLEP Macroeconomics
  3. CLEP Sociology
  4. ALEKS Statistics
  5. DSST Ethics in America
  6. DSST Intro to Business
  7. DSST Principles of Finance
  8. DSST Management Information Systems
  9. DSST World Religions


Compostion CLEP – with or without the essay?

Compostion CLEP – with or without the essay?


Can you take the Modular CLEP for English, instead of the full CLEP?

Will it count as English 102?

Can you avoid the essays?

Before deciding which test to take, look up your college and see what they accept.  For CollegePlus students, or other kids who are going to use Thomas Edison State College, you can not take the Modular.  TESC doesn’t even accept it.  You have to take the College Composition CLEP with essays.

But I have some good news, it will count as English 101 and English 102.  In one test!  🙂

And the tests are typed, for anyone who is worried about their handwriting.

August Update and September Goals

August Update and September Goals

August Update

I took 2 CLEPs in August!  They were two hard CLEP exams, and I didn’t know it would work out that way, but I took both Principles of Management and Information Systems and Computer Applications.  Officially, I am a Junior, and looking at finishing up this degree.

September Goals

  • Meet with Ms. Rachel Vecera – My CollegePlus coach
  • Do a blog series on the College Experience
  • Interview Michael B.
  • Write an ebook
  • Buy a domain for Uncommon Student

Care to join me?