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Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz

Can you answer the following  questions?  If so, you are well on your way to taking the U. S. History CLEP!

  1. What did Eli Whitney invent?
  2. Why was the Battle of Saratoga important?
  3. What did William Garrison call for?
  4. What is Manifest Destiny?


  1. Cotton Gin
  2. It convinced France to side with American in the American Revolution
  3. Total emancipation, No compensation
  4. The belief that the United States had the natural right to own the entire continent.


(I had a practice test today and made a 63.)

Captain's Log 2.25.13

Captain's Log 2.25.13

Hello everyone and greetings!  I usually try to do 2 Captain’s Logs a month, but sometimes I only get to do 1.  🙂


This month has been pretty good.  (Other than being sick for awhile)  My family and I are putting up a fence for the 30 chickens I just bought, I am prepping for the Film Festival and the Wheat Order, movie making is starting up slowly, and I have been trying to catch up on reading and writing.  As Easter approaches we also have to hit violin practice hard!!!   And of course, test prep!

U. S. History 1 CLEP

The CLEP this month is U. H. History 1.  It covers 1500-1877, and I have enjoyed studying for it.  The traditional take on history is not my take on history, so I have had to “unlearn” some of my leanings to test well on this exam, but overall it hasn’t been to bad.  One big topic is the Constitution vs. the The Articles of Confederation.  My sister, Rachel, is a huge history buff (especially about the 1700s) and, because of lots of debates and discussions with her, I am ready for this part of the test!  I took a practice test on Friday and made a 60.  That was really encouraging for me!

I borrowed the book Making America and I really like it for studying!!!

On the Horizon

My next test is Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP , which is supposed to be my CLEP for March.  I don’t know how this one will work out.  I hope to take a practice test soon and then decide how studying will go.

Captain's Log 02.11.13

Captain's Log 02.11.13

Hello everyone, and welcome to the February 13th Captain’s Log!  Life is really busy right now, and school can kind of be on the back burner right now, but I’m still working!

U. S. History 1 CLEP

I am using my mom’s highschool textbook for study prep – along with the REA book.  Both are really helpful.  I feel really good about this test,  I need some review on court cases and treaties, I think I can get this done.

I have a practice test on Friday, and we’ll see where that leaves us.  🙂


By the way, this is getting posted today… and I missed my post yesterday… because my internet has been down.  Catching up!

Captain's Log 01.14.13

Captain's Log 01.14.13


Wow!  It has been such a long time since I did a Captain’s Log post!  How did that happen?  I have no idea, but I promise to do better through 2013!  Generally, I’m doing pretty well.  Focusing on gathering information on my degree, online classes, and a bunch other stuff.  In addition, life rolls on and I’m starting my bulk wheat order and Film Festival plans.  I have a lot of New Year goals I’m also working on.  My family is also doing fine… we are back on our schedule!!!

Life as a big sister means that my life is not like a “typical” college student.  My day is speckled with little family moments.  Teaching the “littles” their ABC Bible verses, cooking meals for 10, teaching science to 4 little girls, taking walks with my mom and sisters, and many other little moments.  I love it and it constantly teaches me about examining and reevaluating my priorities and schedules.


I have this CLEP scheduled for Friday, January 18th.  I am reading (a lot!) and taking practice tests (again, a lot!).  Last Tuesday I made a 49 on a Peterson’s test, but than, on Friday, I made a 61 on the test by CollegeBoard.  On all my test in the past I have not found Peterson’s to be reliable.  Their tests are very outdated and don’t reflect the actual test.

U. S. History 1

My next test is U. S. History 1.  I plan to take a practice test on Wednesday for this test and evaluate where I am on skill level.  I feel fairly good about this test, going into it, because of my great history background from highschool.

September Updates and October Goals

September Updates and October Goals


In the month of September I did the following…

  • Passed Humanities CLEP – earning me 6 more credits
  • Finished Freshman year of college
  • Passed American Literature CLEP – 6 credits
  • Passed English Literature CLEP – 6 credits

All in all,

  • 3 CLEPs
  • 18 college credits

September was a very good month.  🙂


My plan for October is to

  • take Natural Sciences CLEP on the 30th – this will wrap up the 5 general exams
  • celebrate my 19th birthday
  • prepare for American History 1 CLEP.