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I am Jessica and I am the Uncommon Student.  I started this website as a blog for my college journey through online distance learning.  And then God led me down a new path.

Determined to graduate college with no student loans, I began full-time work at a private Christian pre-school and discovered a love for helping children learn.  While I loved all of my little people I found myself drawn to the struggling learners, those who desperately needed one-on-one academic help.  Pursuing this desire, and a few career tests later, I found myself pursuing a M.A. in Speech and Language Pathology.

That in it’s own turn led me into the world of articulation, auditory processing disorders and, ultimately, dyslexia.

Dyslexia has it’s own special place in my heart since it is something that several of my siblings struggle with daily.  I completed my Orton-Gillingham training and began working as an academic tutor.  I seek to help to shape a child’s academic world, so that they have the ability to change the world for Christ.

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  1. I love your blog! I found it through the CollegePlus forums (I joined in September.) I wish I had found your blog sooner! You have some really great tips.

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