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Month: January 2015

One Book for 2015

One Book for 2015

The one book…

Students ask me, parents ask me, everyone asks me.  They all ask the same question.  “What do I need to get started with CLEP exams?”

There is no magic formula, there is no skill set you have to have.  I have one, very simple book that I think is all you need to get started.  This one book is what I have always had on my shelf, and the only thing I always recommend to students and parents.

CLEP Official Study Guide 2015

How to use this book…

This book contains one practice test for each of the 33 CLEP exams that CollegeBoard offers.  Before you start studying, take the practice test for your exam.

60% or above – Go take the test!

45%-59% – Grab the REA guide for your CLEP exam, and study you’re weak areas.  Then retake the practice test.  I’m sure your score has gone up.

Below 45% – Maybe some good text books, pull up Wikipedia, and get the REA guide.  You’d better start studying.  🙂