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Month: November 2014

3 Books for the American Government CLEP

3 Books for the American Government CLEP

In honor of November 4, 2014 – otherwise known as Election Day – let’s talk about the American Government CLEP.  Are you about to go take the American Government CLEP?  Well, you only need 3 books on your shelf, and you are ready to study!

CLEP Official Study Guide – This book has one practice test for every CLEP offered.  It is also published by CollegeBoard (who hosts CLEP), so the practice tests use “official” questions.  A quick rule of thumb is 60% on this test means you’re ready to take the exam.

CLEP REA Guide American Government– Consider the REA guides to be the CliffNotes for CLEP exams.  It’s not for teaching you the subject, it’s for reviewing and refreshing your memory.  Not only is the material good, the practice tests you receive are very helpful.  Also, with the new REA guides,  you get a short, diagnostic test that is a great way to pinpoint your weak areas.

American Government in Christian Perspective – As I studied for this exam, I found it fascinating to read this Abeka textbook along with the other material.  Not only did it dive deeper into topics for me, but it covered everything with a Christian worldview.  American Government was already interesting, but reading about the Christian values and men and women from our history was really fun!

There you go!  My recommended 3 Books for the American Government CLEP!