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Month: September 2014

Why You Need to Fail

Why You Need to Fail

Okay everyone, I’m getting my blogs up and running again!  I’ve got life *somewhat* scheduled and planned out… and I’ve got some blog post ideas sketched out and ready to go.

With that said… Why You Need to Fail.

Everyone should fail at least one thing in your life.  You need to mess up, drop the Frisbee, fail the CLEP, miss the deadline, wreck the car, miss the goal, burn the food.  The list goes on and on.  Failure is tough and hard (trust me, I know!) but there are three reasons I think everyone should fail (and why every distance student should fail a CLEP).

We’re all human

If you succeed at everything, you get a little cocky.  Some of us more than others, but we all do it.  Your head gets a little big when you have a “perfect record”.  Failures are good reminders that you are human, I am human…  in fact, we are all human!   Failure is a reality check.  Take it and move on.

Failure teaches more than Success

I realized this when I was learning how to drive (I’m still learning, by the way).  I could drive in a parking lot, at the correct speed with the correct posture all day long.  But it wasn’t until I started doing hard things – like driving with other cars, going over bridges, merging onto the interstate – that I started making mistakes.  Some were uninformed mistakes, some were dumb, obvious mistakes.  But each one made an impression in me, and taught me a lot more than all the perfect driving ever did.

God shouts through pain

Let’s be perfectly honest, failure causes pain.  Last night, during a volleyball game at a local park, one of my friends messed up badly.  The ball went wide and far, and he hurt his shoulder.    He walked off the court and said, “That hurt.  My pride and my shoulder!”  Failure can hurt – physically or emotionally.  It causes a lot of pain.  But the good news is God shouts through our pain.  “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, butshouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”  C. S. Lewis

So, when I have kids and friends tell me they failed a test, I sympathize.  But I also think its a really good thing.  Whether they realize it or not, they just made a huge leap to being an better person in Christ!


12/50 Skills to Learn Before You Graduate

12/50 Skills to Learn Before You Graduate

I’m fascinated with lists and things in rows.  I love lists of things to learn and do.  I have a list of books to read, a list of books I’ve already read, a list of things to do in life, and a list of CLEPs to finish.  🙂

Last week I stumbled upon this article by Marc and Angel Hack Life: 50 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do.  While I don’t agree with all of the things on the list, there were definitely a few that stood out to me.  So here are my top 12 skills to learn before you graduate.

12 Skills to Learn Before You Graduate

  1. Learn to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver:
  2. Tell a story that captivates your audience:
  3. Handle a job interview:
  4. Speed read
  5. Manage your time
  6. Remember names
  7. How to give driving directions
  8. Take good notes
  9. Listen to others
  10. Give a short speech
  11. Type
  12. Jumpstart your car
Picking Back Up

Picking Back Up

Hey Everyone!

I took an unplanned, unscheduled blogging sabbatical this past summer.  And to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed, and needed, the break.  Nothing was really happening with school, I was planning the 5th Annual Plants and Pillars Film Festival, and there was family stuff to do.

This summer has been wonderful.  I’ve gotten better at soccer, learned some volleyball, bought a phone, read a lot of good books, hurt my leg really badly, spoke at a Film Festival, added music to my violin repertoire, and done other random things!

But I’m ready to buckle back down and start school.  Here are a few statistics about my degree, as I get ready for the next semester:

  • I currently have 72 college credits, making me a Junior.
  • I have to earn 18 more credits to reach Senior.
  • 18 credits = 6 more tests
  • I am ready to go take Sociology, Psychology, and Ethics in America
  • To finish my degree I have a total of 15 tests and 1 course left!!!

Exciting stuff!

Here’s to a great new semester!!!!