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Month: July 2014

5 Books to Read This Summer

5 Books to Read This Summer

Summer is the time for reading!  Read in the sun, read in the shade, read by the pool, read on the beach, read in the car, read… you get the idea.

  1. The New Testament – Serisouly, everyone should read the New Testament once a year.  Read the stories, read the letters, read the words.  Let the verses sink in and be inspired.  God’s Word is living and breathing.
  2. Leave it to PSmith by P. G. Wodehouse – I usually read silently, but this book was so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing aloud as I read it.  Every character was important, and each so unique in their own way.  And all of them tied together with PSmith (the “p” is silent, as in “pshrimp”.)
  3. Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper Thought provoking, challenging, inspiring.  Each and every chapter is something that every adult and young adult should read and reread through their lifetime.  A call to stand up and serve our God.  Read this the year you turn 15 and every year after that.
  4. Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens – No year would be complete with out a Dickens novel.  This took me 2 months because of school work, but I finally finished it and I loved it.  Possibly my favorite Dickens ever, competing with Tale of Two Cities.  I will write a full review later.
  5. WWII the Rest of the Story by Richard J. Maybury – I loved this book.  And yes, I am somewhat of a conspiracy theorist.  🙂  You need to read this book, and the others in the series.  Great additions to any homeschool bookshelf.
Managing Summer!

Managing Summer!

“Bees will buzz, kids will blow dandelion fuzz”

Olaf in Disney’s Frozen

As summer days grow longer and warmer, it becomes more and more tempting to let school and work slide for awhile.  Colleges and schools are out, the sun is shining, and it’s time to get outside!  But if you’re like me, there are deadlines to meet and tests to take.  Here are 3 ways to keep up with school and still enjoy summer!

1. Be realistic about summer goals

Here’s a good thing to remember: no matter how hard you try to avoid it, things will interrupt your summer.   Impromptu soccer games, families visiting, friends to go see, and days too beautiful to ignore.  So don’t make a list of “30 Things to Accomplish this Summer”.  Be realistic.  Set a few goals that really need to be done and focus on those.

2. Read good books

Reading is highly underrated, and I don’t just say that because I love to read.  It exercises your mind, relaxes you, and educates you.   What else in life gives you all those benefits in one swoop?

3. Take some time off

Give yourself some time to rest and regroup.  Take a summer trip with your family, spend a day only reading, take a sibling to the zoo.  When I finished Macro last Thursday, I took the rest of that day and Friday off to relax and play with my siblings.  Remember that even God rested after creating the world.  Resting isn’t bad, it’s laziness that is a problem.

Back to the Beginning

Back to the Beginning

CLEP has once again changed it’s policy on IDs.  You no longer have to have 2 photo IDs to take a CLEP exam.  Just one, government issued, ID is all you need.


However, most test centers haven’t switched back yet.  So call your test center and ask what they need right now, and plan on taking a second ID.