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Month: May 2014

How I Pass CLEPs

How I Pass CLEPs

I have taken quite a few CLEPs and, with the exception of Macroeconomics last spring, I have passed them all.   When I share that with people, they usually want to know how I pass that many tests.  And to be perfectly honest, it is nothing that I do.  It is totally the Lord and my mom.  I was homeschooled all twelve years and the skills I learned there are the reason I can go take college level tests and pass them.  Here are a few things that might help you pass your tests.

Be Disciplined

My mom was always there for me, if I needed her.  But with 7 other children, she couldn’t hold my hand the whole time.  Especially when I hit high school.  So I basically did my Junior and Senior year of high school on my own.  Admittedly, I wish I could have had that special time with my mom, but it taught me a lot about self discipline!  If I didn’t get my work done, guess who’s fault it was?  Map out your goals and hold yourself accountable!

Set a date

Take a practice test and gauge where you are.  Then call your test center and schedule your test.  And then write it onto your calendar in red ink and let it stare at you when you don’t want to study!  Here’s a rule of thumb I use with the Official CollegeBoard practice test.  Less than 40% correct, schedule test 4 weeks from now.  40-55% correct, schedule test 2 weeks from now.  55-60%, schedule test one week from now.  60% or up, go take that test!

Save money

Nothing like a limited bank account to put a fire under you!  Being aware that I have no money to spare when it comes to school really pushes me to know the topic.  I literally can’t afford to fail a test.  That will make you study like nobody’s business!  And remember, that a failed test means 6 months before you can retake.  You’re saving time and money!

Be willing to move the date

But, be wise about when you take your test.  I have canceled a test the day before.  Why?  Because I couldn’t get my score up.  I’d rather postpone than fail and have to wait 6 months!  You have to know when to shoot and when to be still.


And the last two are best summed up by quotations.

Be willing to fall

“If you learn from defeat,  you haven’t really lost” Zig Ziglar.

Blame yourself

A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. – John Burroughs