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5 Ways to Keep Friends in College

5 Ways to Keep Friends in College

You get busy as a distance student.  Most of us already have jobs and time commitments, that’s one reason we’re doing college this way.  And then you have your tests coming up, and deadlines to meet.  And family gets first priority.  So where do friends fit in?  Relationships and friendships take energy – emotionally and physically.  Here are some ways to keep friends – even when your “in school”.

1. Send a quick email

I do this all the time, send a quick “thinking of you” email.   Just a note can change someone’s day, and you never know when someone needs to know you care.

2. Keep notes and a calendar

Write down birthdays, test dates, and other important events in your friend’s lives.  Add them to your calendar and then follow up with them.  I write down test dates and then send a quick email to let them know I”m praying for them.  I write down birthdays and send birthday cards.  It takes seconds to do, but it’s a treasure all the same.

3. Pray for them

I alluded to this earlier, but pray for your friends.  Write down needs and requests, if they have them, but never give up just praying for someone.  We don’t have to ask for it to need prayer.  I know that it means a lot to me to know other people pray for me, so I try and return the favor.  Prayer journals really help keep names and needs straight.

4. Call them

A quick phone call can cheer someone’s day and give you a mental break for studying.  Emails are good, letters are better, but a phone call is best.  Hearing someone’s voice is some of the best medicine in the world.  🙂  And it boosts friendships sky high.

5. Network

Be willing to invest time and energy into events that you are invited to.  Graduations, birthdays, weddings, movies.  If you keep saying no, they stop asking.  It’s a hard rule in life.  If you are to busy for someone, they shut down.  I was recently challenged to not be like the disciples, sleeping in the garden.  The Lord needed them, and they were to preoccupied with earthly things.  I need to make time to invest in my parents, siblings, and friends.

4 Ways to Exercise Better

4 Ways to Exercise Better

1. Dress for It

I’m serious, this is the best way to improve your exercise routine.  Invest a little money and purchase real exercise clothing – shirts, shorts, pants, and shoes.   My running clothing is different than my normal clothing, and just putting it on helps me get ready to go run.  Dress affects the way we think more than we realize.  So going the extra step in changing clothes helps your brain prepare for exercise.

2. Plan and Schedule

First put a slot in your schedule for daily exercise.  Than there is no chance that it will get covered up with something else.  Admit it, 99% of the time, if it isn’t on the schedule, it doesn’t get done.  So put your exercise time on your schedule and get it done.

Then pick a sport that you enjoy.  Don’t drag yourself through a routine you despise.  Use the personality chart above to help give you some ideas for a sport you might enjoy.

3. Drink Water

Water is God’s gift to man.  It replenishes our body in ways we can’t understand.  Remember to start drinking water 2 hours before you start working out, and continue to drink water through your routine.  It’s really bad to start off dehydrated, and even worse to let it continue downhill.

Remember that if you start exhibiting signs of dehydration, stop working and get some water and rest.

4. Add Music

When I first started running, I did it cold turkey.  No music.  I seriously thought, “music isn’t that helpful, I can do this!”  And then one day I tried running with my mom’s iPod and the whole world changed!  Music helps keep your rhythm and gives you a beat to work with.  One tip is to add music with the speed for what you want.  I have slower songs for my warmup walk, so I don’t overdo it.  And then fast songs for when I run, so I don’t slow down!


3 Ways to Befriend Your CLEP Proctor

3 Ways to Befriend Your CLEP Proctor

There are rules to every game, even taking tests. Some of the rules are un written, but they still exist.  And, if you follow them, your proctor will love you.

Here are 3 Ways to Befriend Your CLEP Proctor.

1. Be on Time

One of the best ways to make a good impression is to be on time to an event or appointment.  And I don’t just mean the first time, I mean every time.  Figure out how long it takes you to go from your house to your test center and arrange your schedule accordingly.  If this was a movie, you would probably arrive early to get a seat, a CLEP exam is no different.  It is courteous to the proctor to know that you will show up and with plenty of time to sign in.

And remember that, in the business world, 15 minutes early is “on time”.  If your test is at 10:00 and you arrive at 10:00, you are late.  Arrive at 9:45.

2. Be Prepared

To take a CLEP exam you need: 2 forms of photo ID, a valid registration ticket from you CollegeBoard, and your administration fee.  Come with all of this.  Don’t get into your test center (on time!) and then realize you left your wallet in the car.  Before exiting your vehicle, double check that you have all of your needed information and IDs.

One way I implement this is writing my check beforehand.  I proctor fee by check, but I don’t wait until I’m standing at her desk to write it out.  My proctor fee is $20 every time.  Every time.  So that morning, before I leave, I write and sign a check for $20.  Then I stick it in my purse.  When I arrive at my test center, I pull it out and hand it to her.  Done.  I’m prepared.  Than while she runs that through, I sign in and prepare for my exam.  One less thing I have to think about.

3. Be Personable

Being kind never makes you feel bad.  On the contrary, it can make you feel really good.  Being somber and silent in the test center doesn’t make you feel any better, and it isn’t kind to your proctor.  Walk in with a smile and be personable.  Ask questions and listen to their answers.  My proctor has been with me for 14 tests, and she’s going to be there for a whole lot more!  By now, I know when she has surgery and I prayed for her.  It made us better friends.

Okay, fine, I was really quiet and nervous for my first exam.   But after that, I got better about smiling.  🙂


The Flu and Spring Break

The Flu and Spring Break

Well, long story short, I took an impromptu spring break.  It was great.  I read, talked to my sister, watched movies, slept.

The only problem was, I took spring break because I had the flu.  I read, watched movies, and slept while I had 103 fever.  And I spent a lot of time talking to my sister because she was sick right beside me!

But, I’m all better now and back to studying.

April Goals

  • CLEP Macroeconomics
  • Faithfully keep up with blogging

Here we go!