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Month: December 2013

This Feels Really Weird!

This Feels Really Weird!

We have officially moved into the part of the year when you feel like you are in limbo.  You now refer to “next year” as “this year”, even though it’s still “next” year.  And you start telling people, “well, I guess we’ll see you next year”.  It sounds weird to say, but with only 10 days left in the year…

I’m going to be taking a break from social media of any kind through these remaining 10 days.  So the blog will be quiet for awhile, but I’ll pick it back up again in January.

For right now, I’m drinking hot tea, reading good books, writing letters, wrapping presents, running laps on the road, making my 2014 goals, and laughing with my siblings.

Oh, and I’m trying to finish ALEKS Algebra before 2014.  It won’t be a total vacation.  😉

See you next year!!!

And, by the way, the “i before e, except after c” rule does not apply to weird.

College Composition Modular CLEP… Is there a difference?

College Composition Modular CLEP… Is there a difference?

Q. Is there a difference between College Composition and College Composition Modular CLEP?

A. Yes, there are actually several differences!


College Composition: 120 minutes.  50 for the multiple choice, and 70 for the essays.

College Composition Modular: 90 minutes.  (only multiple choice)


College Composition: Two typed, mandatory essays.  Prompts created by CollegeBoard.

College Composition Modular: optional two essays, topics created by CLEP OR a writing assessment created by your institution OR no essay

Essay Scoring

College Composition: All CLEP essays are scored twice a month by English college faculty, selected by CollegeBoard.  You will receive your score within 4-7 weeks.

College Composition Modular: College of your choice scores your essay.  Receiving your score will vary.

Compostion CLEP – with or without the essay?

Compostion CLEP – with or without the essay?


Can you take the Modular CLEP for English, instead of the full CLEP?

Will it count as English 102?

Can you avoid the essays?

Before deciding which test to take, look up your college and see what they accept.  For CollegePlus students, or other kids who are going to use Thomas Edison State College, you can not take the Modular.  TESC doesn’t even accept it.  You have to take the College Composition CLEP with essays.

But I have some good news, it will count as English 101 and English 102.  In one test!  🙂

And the tests are typed, for anyone who is worried about their handwriting.

Praise the Lord!!!

Praise the Lord!!!

ALEKs has received accreditation from ACE!!! They found out this morning. I was looking on the ACE website, just to see what was up, and saw they had some ALEKs courses listed. I wrote ALEKs, and they said they were accredited again. For a total list of accredited courses, visit this page on ALEK’s website.

Thank you Lord!  Now I’m off to finish College Algebra.  🙂

Macro Studying

Macro Studying

You know, when I see a question like this on my Macroeconomics exam, I have to wonder.  Does the government really want to lower the inflation rate?

Just wondering.  🙂

When Does Your Energy SOAR? (Time Management)

When Does Your Energy SOAR? (Time Management)

Time Management #2

Figure Out When You Work Best

Everybody has a time when their energy level soars.  Figure out when your mind is the sharpest, and work then.  You will get the most out of your effort if you know utilize the time that your thoughts, actions, and emotions are the most stable and ready to work.  Studying and working usually involves being still and concentrating on desk work.  You can’t be dying to go run or falling asleep.  That won’t help.

Here are some times when your energy level may be at its highest:

  • When you first get up in the morning
  • Right after eating
  • Right after exercising
  • After reading
  • Just before a deadline (be careful with that one)
  • Working towards a reward (friends over or a fun book to read)
  • In the quiet of the evening (with a cup of hot tea!)
  • In the midmorning
  • In the afternoon
  • After laughing with a sibling or friend

When do you study best?  I have 2 times – between 8:00 and 12:00 each morning and after running in the afternoon.  🙂

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Economics, Algebra, and Sociology… oh my!

Macroeconomics CLEP continues to go well.  I scored a 66% on my practice test, CollegePlus tells you to go take it when you reach a 60%.  I wanted to take it this month, but the Christmas season around this place is crazy and it didn’t fit in the schedule.  So, I’m hanging on to it through the holidays and taking it in January.  Possibly on the 10th…

Sociology CLEP is so “politically correct” it makes me mad and laugh at the same time.  It’s really hilarious all the stuff they make up.  I’m horribly oppressed and I didn’t even know it!  🙂  I take a practice test tomorrow and that will establish where I am.  I want to take it January as well.  My CP coach suggested double testing one day.

And the ongoing saga of ALEKs Algebra.  Rumor has it they are do for review on December 16, 2013.  And then they have to refile for accreditation.  They have released that they want to be accredited by December 31, but that remains to be seen.  You can file for accredidation when you pass 70% of the course – and I have mastered 50%.  I’m so close, but I can’t finish until they receive their ACE accreditation.

Up Next?  ALEKs Statistics, Intro to Business, and Ethics in America

December Focus: Time Management 101

December Focus: Time Management 101

I was inspired to keep blogging some through December when I had a great idea for a series.  How to balance school and family during the holiday season.  This will be brief series with 6 good ways to keep the holidays focused on God and the family He gave us… while still being productive.   So, here we go!

Time Management Principle #1

Keep a calendar (or two) and actually use it.

It is easy to buy a calendar at the beginning of the year, but you sometimes have to force yourself to use it.  Actually putting dates on the calendar will save time and headaches, while helping you to keep track of everything.  At a glance you can see that you have to many “school” events and no family stuff – or to many “fun” events and no school.  🙂

It also keeps you from double booking anything.  I am a Junior in college, the oldest of eight, and I just got hired as an event planner.  Needless to say, my life could be a mess if I didn’t take charge of my time.

Use a calendar and control your time – don’t let it control you.