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Month: November 2013

2 Random Things I've Learned

2 Random Things I've Learned

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Here are 2 random things I’ve learned this past week.

  1. The Ethics in America DSST has an optional essay at the end.  Although not specified on the test, you may opt out of this essay by leaving it blank (probably the easiest essay to write!).  Before leaving it blank, however, make sure you ask if your college requires it.  Thomas Edison State College does not require the essay.  Hooray!!!
  2. ACE has still not granted accreditation to ALEKs Math.   If you need an ALEKs math course, don’t start until they receive accreditation.  If you are in the middle of a course, move slowly so that you won’t finish too soon.
Economics for Your Bookshelf

Economics for Your Bookshelf

As I study for Macroeconomics (after taking Microeconomics), here’s a list of highly recommended resources for your bookshelf as you study for these two CLEP exams.

Finishing Up the Old Year

Finishing Up the Old Year


I am studying for College Algebra, Macroeconomics, Sociology, and Ethics in America right now.  Some more that others, depending on when I want to schedule them, but they are all coming up here pretty quickly.  I would like to be done with economics and algebra before the close of the year.  Economics will be easy to fit in, but Algebra will depend on ALEKs getting accredited again.  

So I’m buying books for my bookshelf, and planning out the next year of school!  I’m also meeting with my sweet coach, and she’s keeping me encouraged as I face these next few months of school.


I don’t think I’m going to blog during December, so I can enjoy the holiday season.  I will keep the blog updated with my test score if/when I take these exams.

I have been reading lots of books on blogging.  I hope to face 2014 with lots of helpful information for you as you study!

For now, take this poll so I know what you want to see more of on the blog.  🙂

"Make it a close second"

"Make it a close second"

I’ve always like algebra.  Geometry never really was my favorite, but I liked Algebra.  So I actually enjoyed the daily math grind in a way.  But I also discovered that I was not called to any career where I did math 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  After to much math my brain became mush.   And my 15 year old neighbor told me I didn’t look so good.  Thanks, buddy.

During this little algebra intermission, I took and passed Macroeconomics!!!  Thank you, Lord!!!

But I kept working at it, and, long story short, I didn’t make it.  I made it exactly half way before the deadline rolled around.  It took me 25 hours to get halfway through the course.  So I slowed back down.

Because now I’m in limbo with ALEKs Math.

  • If you DON’T work on the math, it will bump you down in the program and you lose all the work you’ve done.
  • If you work too fast and finish, you don’t get accreditation.  The credits are not like CLEP credits that last for 30 years, these only last 2-3 days.  If ALEKS isn’t accredited in that time, no credit.

I told a friend that I feel like Dash in the last scene of Incredibles by Pixar, when he’s running in the race and his parents are cheering him on.  They are yelling at him to speed up, but not to fast.  Pull back, but not that much.  “Make it second, but a close second”.   That’s kind of what doing College Algebra is like right now.

My battle with ALEKs Math (part 1)

My battle with ALEKs Math (part 1)

Yes, I know it seems that I dropped off the face of the earth. But I did not. In fact, I am still very much here! Here’s what’s going on.

I met with my CollegePlus coach and degree advisor. We picked my remaining courses and lined up what I needed to take. Because I switched to a business degree, I needed a greater amount of math credit. I needed College Algebra and Intro to Statistics. CollegePlus recommends that you take these courses through ALEKs math, instead of a CLEP exam. This route is cheaper ($20 vs. $100) and a better way to learn math.  So, I had 2 ALEKs courses on my horizon.

And then my mom got an email that she had 2 months free, thanks to a homeschool company.  So I signed up.

And that same day CollegePlus emailed with the breaking news: ALEKs had lost their accreditation with ACE.  1 year ago I didn’t know what that meant, now I know it means that I don’t get college credit for my work.   So, I stopped working.

THEN, CollegePlus emailed me on October 23 and said that if I could complete my course before November 1, 2013, ACE would give me the credit.  

So, even though I was going to take Microeconomics in 2 days, even though I was in a wedding in 3 days, even though I would be gone all day Sunday, and EVEN though I had planned to take the next week off because I was turning 20… I decided to try it.

To be continued.