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Month: July 2013

Repost: A Necessary Argument

Repost: A Necessary Argument

Here’s a repost , since I’m busy studying.  🙂


One of the favorite things people tell me when I try and explain the way I’m doing college is…

“Well, how are you ever going to find a spouse that way?  I met my husband/wife at college!”

Now I have NOTHING against meeting your spouse at college.  My parents met at college.  It’s a great place to meet guys and gals.

But if that’s the ONLY reason I’m going to college (and the only reason you can think of for why I should go to college) than we have a serious problem!  That is one expensive husband.  :-)

And if I have loads of debt so that I can find him, and he has loads of debt so that he can find me… how are we going to feed the kids?

Besides think of all the other places you could meet your future spouse.  Menial places like CHURCH!  Or family friends.  Or a conference.  That will save you about 60,000 dollars right there, and the whole family gets to share in the memory!

I’m not bashing finding your spouse at college.  It worked for my parents, and it continues to work.  But, unless you have money to throw away, try some other options first.  :-)

Three tests, 6 essays, and 200 people

Three tests, 6 essays, and 200 people

My life is just a little bit crazy here, and I miss writing on my blog.  🙂  I can’t wait for the cool fall days when we leave the windows open and the leaves are pretty colors.  The season when we go camping, and I have my birthday, and life seems easier to deal with.  And I’ll be back to blogging more regularly, with helpful information.  For now…

3 Tests

I have 3 tests I am trying to do before the 2nd week of September.  Principles of Management, Information Systems, and Macroeconomics.  I think I will take them in that order.  All of them are required for my degree.

Management is actually one of my Junior level courses.  Yikes!  I take that on August 2.

6 Essays

I have accounts with Cappex and Fastweb.  So right now I have 6 essays to write before August 1.  What flavor ice cream would I be?  That’s worth $1,500. 

200 People

And the 2013 Plants and Pillars Film Festival is in 14 days.  Excuse me while I have a nervous breakdown. 

Update and CLEP help

Update and CLEP help

I am still studying for Principles of Management this week.  I scored a 60 on my practice test today, which is awesome!!!  (especially considering all the questions I was surprised at)  As I said, it got moved to August 2 at 10:00.  Which means I have 14 days to keep studying.

And 21 days until the Film Festival… which is a scary thought.  But I digress.

CLEP Help:

What does it cost and How do you pay?

A CLEP exam costs $80.00.  Back in the old days when I first started CLEPing, it only cost $77.00, but I don’t want to make anyone jealous.  Anyway, it costs $80.00 for the CLEP + the proctor fee.  My proctor fee is $20.00.  I understand that in some places it is more, but that fee is set by the college.

You can pay with a check, money order, debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or JCB). Cash is not accepted.

Note that if you pay with check, you don’t write one check with a lump payment for  test and fee.  You have to write two separate checks.  One to CollegeBoard and one to the university.

I have paid for all of my CLEPs with check, and my proctor can’t get used to it.  I seem to be an anomaly at Strayer University.  🙂

CLEP Pass Rate – How Smart Are You?

CLEP Pass Rate – How Smart Are You?

You can use the chart below to gauge where you stand, according to other test takers.  The far right column is the pass rate for 2012 of the corresponding CLEP exam.

For instance, I was able to pass English Lit, which only 23% of test takers pass.  And who is brave enough to try Chemistry, which has the wonderful reputation of only passing 6% of test takers!!!

Where is your CLEP on here, did you do really well on a hard one, or did you do poorly on an easy one?  Or are you just one of the crowd?  🙂



Update on Management

Update on Management

I took a practice test and made a 71!  Yay!

And my CLEP lady called, and rescheduled my test for August 2.  Hmm…


And I found a really interesting chart that I can’t wait to share with you, as soon as I get it uploaded.  🙂

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

If you are studying for your CLEP or DANTES exam, and you are having a hard time concentrating, here is the way to study.

Call your test proctor and set a date.  It’s as simple as that.  With a deadline staring at you, you will be amazed at how study time flies by.   🙂

Speaking of which, I have a test on July 26 (Principles of Management).  I’d better go study!

The New Majority – Helpful Tip

The New Majority – Helpful Tip

If you are applying for a scholarship (or anything else where you have to give your status as a student), do not choose College Student unless you are a full time student, enrolled in a 2 or 4 year university.

If you are CLEPing, taking Distance Courses, a student of CollegePlus, or anything else on your own, select “Adult Learner” or “Adult Student” or “Non-Traditional Student”.   Even if you are 14, this is still your best option.

If you select “College Student” its all downhill if you’re trying to explain CLEP exams.  🙂  Choose “Adult Learner” and go faster.