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Month: June 2013

Principles of Marketing CLEP update

Principles of Marketing CLEP update

I passed!  I passed Principles of Marketing today with a 60!  I am so excited to be through with that and moving on to my next test.  😉

There were several questions today that I saw on my practice test for Management (coming up).  And I wouldn’t have known the answers to them if I had not been already studying.  Hopefully I will see some Marketing on the Management test!!!  All Glory be to the One who made me!

Total credits now: 54

Next test: Principles of Management

Marketing CLEP update

Marketing CLEP update

Well, I’m still studying for the Principles of Marketing CLEP.  I’m scheduled for this Friday at 10:00.  Yesterday I scored a 61 on my practice test, which was REALLY good.

Supposedly, Marketing is one of the easiest CLEPs, but I think that has a lot to do with what you enjoy doing.  For instance, I loved taking College Composition and College Math (two opposite tests, huh?) and so I scored well on them.  While I enjoy Marketing, and I’m learning a lot, I haven’t used it a lot or been exposed to all these terms before.  So I’m having to learn everything from the ground up, which slows me down some.

I am using the REA CLEP book for this.  And I found a great online resource – Business Dictionary. I have a feeling that I will be using this for Principles of Management next month!  And I live next door to 2 college graduates and 1 current college student, and they let me borrow their textbooks.  Thank you!

I plan on studying today and then taking the CollegeBoard test.  How I score will decide where I go tomorrow.

Is Internet Marketing changing our world…

Is Internet Marketing changing our world…

…or has it already happened?  This is an essay I wrote for the VacationRoost scholarship award of 2013.

Internet marketing is less than ten years old, and yet it has already revolutionized marketing and sales in the world of business.  Turn on your computer and your inbox is full of e-mail marketing, and the online sites you visit are covered in web banners that seem to be tailored to your recent shopping history. These are examples of internet marketing and just how much it has changed the world we live in.  Internet marketing allows you to communicate with people all over the world, and has reduced corporation costs, promoted lesser known businesses, and promoted immediate purchase of products and services.

No longer do businesses have to deal with the huge overhead of hiring employees in marketing, with the addition of paying for page space in the local magazines and newspapers.  You rent space on certain venues and countless visitors are brought to your website throughout the day.  With changes in technology, there is almost nothing that cannot be surveyed and analyzed when it comes to internet marketing.  Where you click, how often, what you buy – all of this can be traced and used by businesses to help them shape their campaigns to reach the most people.  Because of lower marketing cost the prices of products and services drop, making them attractive to more people.  Internet marketing has considerably lowered the cost of marketing, allowing businesses to expand and spend more resources on customer service and new products.

Internet marketing has also allowed smaller, lesser known businesses to become available to people around the world.  Many small companies, who could not afford the traditional means of advertising, had great products and services that were extremely valuable to people around the world.  With limited marketing resources, however, these businesses had no way of marketing themselves. With the help of the internet, a small business can be easily found and patronized.  Phone numbers, vision statements, and pricing options are available at the click of a button.   New people in the neighborhood can easily find the grocery store, hair salon, local church, and take out restaurant; all because of web banners on the side of the page when they checked their email.  No longer do vacation rental services rely on someone searching the yellow pages for a travel agent; now banners and e-newsletters share the joy of sunny beaches with people around the world.  With very little effort, a small town business can put itself “out there”, to be found by people around the world.

Thanks to internet marketing and the ease it has provided, more and more people can visit businesses and purchase products immediately.  With older, more traditional, means of marketing, the target customer received a card or flier in the mail.  Time elapsed between receiving the card and visiting the advertised website.  During that interval, interest in the product or service dropped substantially.  Now people browsing the internet see an advertisement that catches their interest.  With only a click of the mouse, they land immediately on the website.  Their interest is still high and the chances that they will purchase while on that site are very favorable.  Reducing that time gap between the customers’ interest in the offer and their actual visit to the website is just another way that internet marketing has changed the world of business for good.

Internet marketing is not even ten years old old and yet, the ways it has changed our world seem to be timeless.  Many people in the world can not even remember a time when they did not have maps, shopping, and helpful tips available at the touch of a finger or the click of a mouse.  We are accustomed to spending time on the web and seeing images and words that catch our eye.  A click later we have a new site to help rent a vacation home or a new web page with delicious recipes.  While the parents and grandparents of the current generation can remember a time when products and services were marketed over radio or television, the young adults and kids of today find it hard to believe that banners and buttons on the internet are very new ideas.  Older people still shudder in remembrance of walking out to the mailbox and bringing back loads and loads of junk mail; today’s teenagers don’t even expect something to come through the traditional mailing system.  Internet marketing has brought irreversible changes to the world we live in.  Because of the invaluable benefits internet marketing provides, no one will be looking back as technology marches forward.  Who knows where our children will be in a century when it comes to the internet.

"Plans can change…"

"Plans can change…"

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

I pulled out my desk calendar.  It is full of paper clips, notes, pen scratches, and scribbles.  Notes of what I hoped to do, planned to do, and what I did.  Usually they’re different things.  Seasons of life is phrase we use when we talk about where we are now.  But who decides the length of a season?  Who determines when our season begins and when the season ends?  I firmly believe that only the Lord can do that.

Back in January I wrote my plans for the different months coming up.  January through June, planned and scheduled.  For June I wrote out to take one test and study public speaking.  I planned to buy Jeff Myers course on communication and study public speaking through reading and listening.  That was my plan.

Enter God’s plan.

I am now a CollegePlus student.  I’m still taking that one test, but it looks different now.  More worthwhile now.

And I am teaching 2 classes, including one at the upcoming AL CHEF conference.  Public speaking is somehow more concrete today as I plan these two events.  Who needs book reading when the Lord throws you in the deep end of the pool?  🙂

What is the Lord changing in your plan’s today?

Not Sure Where to Start?

Not Sure Where to Start?

It seems pretty typical.   College students don’t know what to study.  It’s okay.  It’s the way God designed it.  You don’t know where you will be in 2 years or 6 years, so how do you know what to study in college?  Should you study a specific thing, or go general?  If you have an interest in medicine, should you go ahead and do the pre-med?  And what about businesses, what are they looking for?  It is okay to go into your degree without knowing exactly where you are headed.  Especially if you are a distance student, you have more flexibility.

If you are confused in what to study… here are two things to try.

  1. Pick a direction.  Arts, Business, Health, Science, Math.  Pick a general direction to head.  That helps make sure you take the correct CLEP tests.
  2. Visit CollegeBoard to look up degrees you think you might be interested in.  

God Bless!

What to do with your CLEP score

What to do with your CLEP score

With a few exceptions because of essays, all CLEP tests are automatically scored.  You walk out of the test room with your score, knowing if you passed or failed.  Personally, I find that much more freeing than waiting weeks in limbo – wondering.  But what do you do with your score?  Do you send it to a college?  Do you keep it?  What if you want it later?  Here are some ideas.

Option #1 – CLEPing after enrolling in a college

If you are enrolled in a college, send your score directly to that school.  You will get that option before the test begins, select the college you attend, enter your college’s code, and then take your test.

Make sure you hit “Report Scores” at the end of your exam to send your score to your school.

Option #2 – CLEPing before enrolling in a college

Before you begins your test select “Do Not Send”.   After the test, you should still select “Report Scores”.  Even though you will not actually report them, this is still the correct button to select.

CollegeBoard will hold all of your CLEP scores (those you pass and those you fail) for 20 years.  You can request a transcript at any time for $20.

Option #3 – Regardless of your standing in regards to college campuses, you lose your cool and refuse your score

As sad as this situation is, it still an option.  After your test you can choose to delete scores and refuse to record them on your transcript.  Only problem?  You have to do this without looking at them.  You could actually pass and not know it.  You should probably avoid this option.

And your proctor doesn’t like to see a mature adult grovel and cry as they leave the test center.

How to pass your CLEPs

How to pass your CLEPs

What should you do the day of your CLEP?  Here are 10 tips to make your CLEP test go well!

  1. Write down and take the phone number of your proctor.  If you get stuck in traffic, or are late for another reason, let her know.  A legitimate reason for being late will be much nicer than just not showing up.
  2. Write down and take the address of the building where your test is. Don’t be late because you went to the wrong room or building!
  3. Arrive early.
  4. Use the restroom before you go sign in!  I have been in there when people are almost ready to start and then ask to leave.  Do not do that to your proctor!
  5. Smile and talk to your proctor.  Cheer their day.
  6. Take your identification.  You should need one photo I.D. (driver’s license/permit) and another official identification (SS card)
  7. Take your SS card.  Even if you have other means of identification, you need your SS number to sign in.
  8. Make sure you have your college’s identification number if you are enrolled and sending your score directly to them.  Note that you don’t have to send it anywhere if you are not enrolled in a college yet.  CollegeBoard will hold your score for 20 years.
  9. Eat well before you take your test.  Don’t skimp on breakfast or lunch and get hungry during your test.  That will only distract you.  Eat protein and you will do better.
  10. Schedule for your strengths.  Most places will let you pick from morning or afternoon time slots.  Is there a certain time of day you have more energy?  For instance, I love taking my tests first thing in the morning and always get the first time slot available.  But other friends aren’t morning people and prefer the afternoon.  You have the freedom to pick, use it!
  11. Last, but not least… begin every test with prayer.  Give God the glory whether you pass or fail.  You are breathing and thinking because He gives you life.

Do you have a tip that is helpful?

Scouts, Cows, and Ducks

Scouts, Cows, and Ducks

If you are a member of the Boy Scouts of America, a professional duck caller, or a member of the American Dairy Farmers Association…

…there are scholarships for you!

Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for any of them.  Do you?