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Month: April 2012

Book Ranting!

Book Ranting!

As I was studying for my Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP this past month, I was startled and aggravated to see the following statement in my REA TestPrep book:


Masculine rhyme uses one-syllable words and stresses the final syllable… giving strength and impact.  Feminine rhyme uses a rhyme of two more more syllables… giving a feeling of lightness and softness.  one can see that these terms for rhyme were written in a less enlightened age!


Isn’t that ridiculous?  A feminine term meaning lightness and softness, and a masculine term giving strength and impact… what is wrong with that?

Captain's Log 4.25.12

Captain's Log 4.25.12

Analyzing Literature CLEP

I took a practice exam yesterday and scored an 80.  I took another today and scored a 64.  I’m not sure what that means, but at least I’m a good bit above passing.

I have this CLEP scheduled for Friday afternoon.  I would appreciate prayer as I move into this next CLEP.


College Mathematics CLEP

I’m still preparing/studying this one, but not as intensely as I was last week.  I’m concentrating on the Literature CLEP this week before I move on.



I’m excited, scared, invigorated, and scared!  🙂  This is my first CLEP to get an immediate score, and that’s kind of scary.  I’ll walk out of that room knowing.  “I did it” or “I failed”.

But if I win, I will praise Him.  And if I lose, I will praise Him.   🙂

Memory Tool: Analyzing Lit

Memory Tool: Analyzing Lit

Memory tool for the Analyzing Literature CLEP

The difference between blank verse and free verse is very small, but it does exist.  How to remember the difference?  Try this!!!

Free Verse

is just that!  Free as the birds!  No rules, rhymes, meter.  Nothing!  It is FREE!

Blank Verse

 can be what ever you want, with in some limits.  It’s a lot like fill in the BLANK!!! 🙂  Some limits, but not a lot.

Captain's Log 4.18.12

Captain's Log 4.18.12

English Comp CLEP

After receiving my score of 62 for the English CLEP, I am officially done with it.  I am concentrating all my time on the next two CLEPs on my schedule.


Analyzing Lit CLEP

This is going really well.  I took a practice test today with 70 questions and scored 69%.  I’m reading the CLEP Analyzing & Interpreting Literature book, and working through SpeedyPrep.

I’m scheduled to take this test on April 27th.


College Mathematics CLEP

This test is also going really well.  I took a practice test for this CLEP as well today and scored a 70.  I don’t have a CLEP College Mathematics book for College Math, but I’m doing SpeedyPrep to prepare.

I’m scheduled for this test on May 11th.

CLEP Study Hints: Daily Exercise

CLEP Study Hints: Daily Exercise

This is part 4 of the Things to Keep Series.  If you’re just joining us, you can read Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

As I study for my current CLEP, it gets really easy to keep reading and studying… and not go outside for a walk or a run.  However, taking daily time to get outside and breathe deeply is hugely beneficial for you, your body, your mind, and your study habits.

Physical Exercise helps you:

  • maintain a healthy weight
  • build and maintain healthy bone density
  • build muscle strength and joint mobility
  • strengthen your immune system
  • reduces cortisol in your system (cortisol caused health problems)
  • reduces chances of heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, and high blood pressure

Daily, vigorous exercise helps your brain learn and concentrate on your studies.  It also reduces your stress level and clears your mind for more study.

What ever you remove from you schedule while you study, don’t remove your exercise.

Some Exercise Ideas:

  • Walk briskly
  • Run at least 10 minutes
  • Lift weights (be careful!)
  • Play soccer or Frisbee with your siblings
  • Work in your yard and garden

Go have some fun!!!




College Composition Done!!!

College Composition Done!!!

Late Saturday I was thrilled to receive a very special letter in my mailbox!!!  CollegeBoard had mailed my score from College Comp.  I trembled as I opened the letter.


Total Score: 62!!!


I am the proud owner of my first 6 hours of college credit!


Lots of exclamation marks for this post!  🙂

Analyzing Literature Update

Analyzing Literature Update

I have not “studied” for the Literature CLEP at all.  All I have done is read.  I read anything.  I read eclectically, I read for fun, I read for education, and I read expansively.

Imagine my joy and surprise when I took a practice REA test this morning and scored a 63!!!

How encouraging.  🙂


Captain's Log 4.9.12

Captain's Log 4.9.12

General Update:

Generally, my studies are going very well.  I am heading up a bulk wheat order for my family and other families from the state (my entrepreneurial mind!) so I have slowed down a little but now much.  🙂  Here is the update for my 3 current tests.

College Composition:

My test score is mailed this coming Saturday, April 14th.  I am eagerly awaiting my results on College Comp.

College Mathematics:

For College Math, I signed up for SpeedyPrep and I’m working my way through the flashcards.  Most of it is review, but some is new (and challenging). I’ve studied Sets, Logic, Functions, and Equations.  The hardest has been the Functions.  For extra information I’ve been watching Khan Videos online.   I have really mixed emotions about the Math CLEP right now.  However, I hope to take it by the end of this month.

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

As I study for College Math (using SpeedyPrep), I’m studying for Analyzing and Interpreting Literature (Analyzing Lit).  I planned on taking this CLEP as 6credits for my Humanities requirements, then I found out it was “the easiest CLEP”.  Imagine my excitement!!!  🙂  I’m working really hard on preparing for this CLEP, and hoping to take it really soon.